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Support Agencies for Business innovation

This is to inform you that I was certified dated Oct.7,2016 such as Support Agency for Business Innovation by the Central Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director.

Q:What is Support Agencies for Business Innovation?

A:In order to perform the highly specialized support to management issues of Small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses, the country certify the experts . Specifically, financial institutions, certified public accountant, certified public tax accountant(zeirishi), and  lawyer etc.

Q:If you use a Support Agencies for Business Innovation , what kind of advantage can you get?

A:Small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses can take advantage of the following system by the involvement of Support agencies for Business Innovation.

1. Project to revitalize Small/Micro enterprise.

     Subsidize part of the expense of following accredited business plans

       -Subsidy rate: no more than 2/3.

       -Upper limit :2Million yen per project

2. Support SME’s with safety nets

     SME Support, Japan provide ”security” through a small-scale enterprise mutual aid system and business safety mutual relief system to those who wish to be prepared for future what-ifs.

3. Collaboration between Agriculture(including forestry and fishery) Commerce and Industry.

     Support the development of new cutting-edge or “model” products or services and the development of sales channels etc. through initiatives carried out by SMEs or Small/Micro enterprises, including new business activities and collaborations with agriculture/Forestry/Fishery business as set out under paragraphs (1)to (3) below.

   (1) New Partnerships

New business carried out by combining the management resources of SME’s or Small/Micro enterprises from different business fields working in collaborations.

   (2) Collaborations with agriculture/forestry/fishery business

New business carried out through the effective combination of the know-how of partied involved in collaborations between SMEs or Small/Micro enterprises with agriculture/forestry/fishery businesses

   (3) Utilization of regional resources

  New business carried out through the utilization of agriculture/forestry/fishery products, industrial or tourism resources unique to the particular region.


The above information is arranged based on 「Support for SME's New Business Activities in Japan」 by Small and Medium Enterprises Agency  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. July 2013


  Kyoji YASUI ~Certified Public Tax Accountant Office(Zeirishi)~

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