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1950: Tochigi Prefecture, was born.
1974: Waseda University Faculty of   Commerce graduation
The same year: Joined Noritake Co.,Limited
1979:Transfer for 5years in Ireland subsidiary Company.

1995: Transfer for 3 years in Philippines subsidiary
2002: Completed Nagoya Economics University Graduate School of Law course 
2007:Retired Noritake Co., Ltd.
2008: Completed Aichi University Graduate School of Accounting Diploma
2009: joined Japan pottery Federation

2014:Retired Japan pottery Federation 

2014:Joined Matsuura accounting firm
2015:Certified public 
tax accountant registration (Nagoya certified public tax accountants Association)
2015: Retired Matsuura accounting firm 

2015: Moved to Tokai certified public tax accountants Association

​2016: Authorized" Support Agencies for Business Innovation

Kyoji Yasui certified public tax accountant office

Founded: 2014 September 1,

Employees: None

Affiliation: Tokai zeirisikai(Tokai certified tax accountants association)

Hobbies: Watching Sports、

     Fishing (salt water, fresh water, fly fishing)

Speaking to myself:

Because some expatriate experience, you'll think my English is good.

In practice, however, it is about everyday English conversation

My portrait
My daughters pet dog

​My wife,Twin children (Men&Women)

            Children are independent

Beloved Pet: Parakeet (named Peechan)

Beloved pet:Mini.dachshund (named MOMO) Lives in Daughter's House

My favorite pet bird

Sports Game watching

Salt Water Fishing,Fresh Water Fishing,

​Fly Fishing.


The reason why I write these pages in English is to give foreigner working in Japan my support, because a lot of support  by your people was given to me while I was in Ireland and also in Philippines. 

New Arrival
Freinds of Philippines

My Friends in Philippines

The government is mulling legislation to boost the number of foreign workers in Japan to make up for a labor shortage as it approaches the first meeting of the council for the realization of work style reform as early as late September, it has emerged.

The acceptance of foreign workers is currently limited to those in specialized fields, which includes doctors and researchers. However, due to a declining birth rate and aging of the population, calls have been rising mainly within the Liberal Democratic Party to accept foreign laborers as Japan is expected to face a future labor shortage. In May, the party suggested promoting foreign workers in care work, where there is a serious shortage of labor, as well as in farming and the hotel industry. In response, the council for the realization of work style reform has informally decided to begin discussing revisions. (The Mainich,Sept14,2016)

Please see further info. NIKKEI Asian

​Review:Politics & Economy 、August 11、2016

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