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To establish new company in Japan

Please make sure that you must obtain working visa when you establish your company in Japan.

The enforcement of the Companies Act, the capital of the Corporation became possible establishment equal to or greater than 1 yen. However, in reality , the much the total amount of the start-up capital and the working capital of about six months as the amount of capital is what you want to put.

To apply

At first,you have to prepare the followings
① creation of the Articles of Incorporation

     contents:   Corporate name, Objectives, Location of head office,The number of shares issued , Total number of share issue,

       Fiscal year ,and so on.

② the Articles of Incorporation of authentication

     After the Articles of Incorporation is made,  you can go to a nearby notary office to receive the certification of the articles.
③ payment of capital

     After you open an account at the bank, it will transfer the capital to that account.
④ Completion of the establishment registration (the Legal Affairs Bureau).


To apply for the registration of company establishment, you must have the following documents.
1. Registration application form
2. Founder decision
3. Payment certificate
4. Registered seal certificate
5. Seal Notification Form
6. Authenticated Articles of Incorporation
You must have official seal(
registered) and the company mark in advance.


①Notification of corporation establishment
   Documents to be attached: A copy of the Articles of Incorporation
                                           A certificate of the registered matters
                                           A list of shareholders              
                                           Balance sheet at the time of establishment
② Notification of establishment/relocation/discontinuance of an office Paying Salaries

③ Application for Approval of filing a Blue-Form Tax returns

④ Application for approval of  extension of withholding Tax Payment
⑤ Notification of Inventory Asset Valuation Method
⑥ Notification of Depreciation Method for Depreciable Asset

⑦ Notification of Taxable Enterprises Status for Consumption Tax

It costs you(approx.)

Notary Fees :                   JYN 50,000

Articles of Incorporation Stanp Fee: JPN 40,000

Registration & License Tax:     JPN 150,000 

Total Amount of Fee:                      JPN  240,000


  Kyoji YASUI ~Certified Public Tax Accountant Office(Zeirishi)~

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