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The mission of Zeirishi, as experts in matters of taxation , shall be to strive from an independent and fair standpoint, in accordnce with the principles of the self-assessment system, to prove themselves worthy of the trust of taxpayers and ensure the fulfillment of the tax liabilities stipulated in laws and ordinances concerned with taxes.(Zeirishi Act, Article 1)

Services of Zeirishi

1. Tax representation

Acting as a proxy or representative with regards to returns, applications, requests or appeals placed with government offices of taxation on the basis of the provisions of acts concerning taxation or the Administrative Appeal Act.


2. Preparation of tax documents

Preparing and submitting documents to government offices of taxation on the basisi of provisions of acts pertaining to returns, applications, requests


3. Tax consultation

Consultations concerning matters pertaining to the computation of taxable basis, etc.  regarding filing of returns, etc.


Start-up support

If you want to set up a company in Japan, I will suggest you to do with your Japanese partner along with Japanese law, regulations. 

If you do not have a reliable Japanese partner neither zeirishi,please do not do. It is not easy for foreigner to do business in Japan.



① I will support to keep your accounting books for monthly reports.

② Also will support to make annual financial statement after closing books

③ English financial statements is available on request basis.


In Japan, self-assesment system is taken for sole propietaorship.

Therefore a taxpayer should file a tax return during mid Feb. till Mid march in following year. 

This may give you a difficulty to do your business in Japan. Please come to me and ask what I can do for you.

The door is opened .What you can do is just knock the door. 

Financial analysis are available by your financial statements and then your future planning to be made. Financial statement shows your past activities just like a report card of school in a schooldays. When you make a future plan of your company, this figures must be the starting point. You can find out a lots of hints there.

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