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Summary of Electronic Bookkeeping Act up on website

Just minutes ago I uploaded the summary of Electronic Bookkeeping Act for a sole proprietor and a small company. Since this Act has been effective from Jan.1st of 2024, I have been worried about how I could follow to this Act. Now it is pleased to introduce the easier way.




How to find a tax accountant in Japan: Timing

There is busy season for tax in JAPAN, such as Feb and March for a filing tax return for s sole proprietorship. And for a corporate, Mar till May seems to be busy season. This means these months are n

A TAX CUT(定額減税)for a sole proprietorship 

The foreign people also who run business in Japan can enjoy a tax cut in case you fulfil the following conditions: 1)resident: residents are those who have address in Japan, or who have resided contin


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