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  • 安井享二

SOBA-Japanese noodle

My favorite japanese food is SOBA japanese noodle. In Nagoya area,there are many SOBA restaurants,together with UDON noodle resutaurants.

According to a book of SOBA which nominated good taste resutaurants in Japan , the most delicious SOBA resutaurant is here in NAGOYA. The place of Nagoya is the place withiin 1-hour distance by public transportation . On one day I decided to go there . I ordered Tempura and SOBA, after a glass of Japanese sake . I love this taste of SOBA. which are made of 80% of SOBA flour plus 20% others. I enjoyd SOBA,together with TEMPURA (mashoom,shrimp,fish,vegetables,etc.)

Delicious! Viva SOBA.