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  • 安井享二

Seismic work started

Seismic work of my house has started from beggining of this week. after started, we realised how ordinary way of life are worthwhile.

Water: When we feel thirsty, we go to kitchen to get a glass of water. Now, we cannnot do this.

Toilet:Fortunately, we have two toilets,one is at first floor, the other is at upstairs.the toilet at first floor is not available due to this work. So we luckily use the other one at upstairs.

Electricity, gas facility :So far it is available. but soon or later it becomes unavailable. In tha case I wonder we can cook the meal at least three times a day?

These are fandamental elements for people to live. Anyway in near future our way of life shall be changed ,if we like or not.

The patience is kept going in another several weeks.




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