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  • 安井享二

Rugby ,my favorite sports

I like Rugby game to watch.This year World cup rugby games were held in Japan.Japan team did a remarkable result (best eight position)never ever before.

Frankly speaking, I didn't expect this much before start that Japan move forward to the Final tournament game. I just try to find out what happened to Japan team.

①Japan had the advantage as hosting country.

②The menbers of Japan team were united as one team even though many menbers were born outside of Japan.

③Perfect performance was done based on hard practice.

The most inportant point of above is ②.Japan was believed as one single Japanese race.That is why we ,Japanese ,never had accepted foreign people before as a menber of the team. Hoever, we realised that this is the proof Japan need their help thru this Rugby world cup.

I hope Japan should cooperate with the people from foreign countries to get better results in every fields more than before.