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How to find a tax accountant in Japan: Web search

If you do not have any information about Tax accountant, you should try (税理士情報検索サイト)。

This site is operated by Japan Certified Public Tax Accountant Federation, covering all Certified Public Tax Accountant in Japan. But even you know this site, you may have a difficulty to find a right accountant for you. At least you should have a name of district such as name of prefecture, city, ward. Then you can get a listed accountant name. After this you contact the accountant one by one by E-Mail. or Telephone. Before you contact him/her, please check their Homepage




A tax audit

You may know when a business year of Tax office is. A business year of Tax Office is 1st July till 30th of June following year. Therefore, shuffle of the people is done on July 10th. In consideration

A first half year.

It is June 30,2024 today.This means a half of year 2024 are going to be over. From the point of business view, how about your business of this first half of year? Are you satisfied with your performan


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