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Electronic Bookkeeping Act-2

更新日:3 日前

Since Jan 1st ,2024, I have been busy for this . Stil now I have no confidennce that I could follow this Law or not. Under such situation How can I lead my client properly. Fortunately, I do not have many clients, so it's easy for me to do this , compared with other accountants.

Right now I am using Yayoi accounting soft and Scansnap scanner to meet the Law.

I am worried about how fast I can file the electronic documents in my electronic file.

Each time I do it very carefully with my heart beaten.




Summary of Electronic Bookkeeping Act up on website

Just minutes ago I uploaded the summary of Electronic Bookkeeping Act for a sole proprietor and a small company. Since this Act has been effective from Jan.1st of 2024, I have been worried about how I

A few inquiry from the people who are not good at Japanese

I have a few inquiry from the people living in Japan. They are doing their business in Japan but they are not able to read Japanese. They are the people from Philippines, England, Taiwan etc. They tr

Electronic Bookkeeping Act

Electronic bookkeeping law has been effective since Jan.1st,2024. In my office I have started to change my system to meet the Law. Whenever I received the Electronic Data, the data is downloaded in my


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