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  • 安井享二

Congratulation for No.1 rugby team in Japan , Waseda univ.

To start with this,I would like to say that I am regret for not updating for a long time on this blog .

Belate to say Happy new year of 2020.

A good news came to me on Jan 7.

My graduated university, Waseda univ. has achieved victory for rugby tournament in Japan. This is 16th time champion since 2011.

To say honestly, I could not think of this victory before final match with Meiji univ. That is because Waseda lost the game on Dec.12019match.Furthermore the result of that game was 36-7. I felt Meiji was so strong that Waseda cannnot beat this season. But to Waseda players accepted this result and tried to find the way how they can defeat meiji.For 40days after defeated,they practised very hard no other than before. And finally they got their victory as a champion of that year.

I learned one thing from this victory that we need never give up the difficulty which has never experienced before. To achieve something,we have to face with the difficulty without escape. Try not only one time but many times. Finally we will get something good news.

Thank you for my Waseda students to remind me never give-up .