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A tax audit

You may know when a business year of Tax office is.

A business year of Tax Office is 1st July till 30th of June following year. Therefore, shuffle of the people is done on July 10th. In consideration of this business year, a tax audit will be done during this period. So now we are on the start line of their auditing season start.

Generally speaking, if you are subject to a tax audit about your past tax returns forms, an audit date (visiting date and where to be done etc.) would be informed to you through your Tax accountant in advance. As your prior preparation, you are required to have mutual understanding with your Tax accountant before this audit.




A first half year.

It is June 30,2024 today.This means a half of year 2024 are going to be over. From the point of business view, how about your business of this first half of year? Are you satisfied with your performan


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