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  • 安井享二

A songbird Warbler

It was a wonderful moment which happend late in the yesterday morning. I was noticed that a songbird Warbler were singing around my house . Once or twice a year, especialy during spring time,April or May, I could hear their singing a song near my huse, but so far this year I could not yet.

I understand that songbird Warbler is living only in Japan. So the people who live outside Japan, can not imagine how marvellous that song is. So, I want to send the song to you by recorded ,if possible. But this is very dificult job to record thet birdsong, because I cannot find them even while I can hear their song. So-called Ninja-bird. Therefore I can show their song in writing as follows. It sounds like

"Hoo hockey kyo,kekyo kekyo kekyokekyo, Hoo hockeykyo"

I hope you enjoy it.




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