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A reduction of burdens for small business/sole proprietors

There have been many changes in institutional changes, such as recent consumption tax invoice systems and e -book preservation methods, and I feel that small and medium -sized and sole proprietors are more burdensome.

On the other hand, do you know that these burdens are preparing a reduction system? Compared to large companies, small and medium -sized enterprises with less human resources should be able to respond to the system after knowing these reduction systems.

Please refer to my web for details.




A tax audit

You may know when a business year of Tax office is. A business year of Tax Office is 1st July till 30th of June following year. Therefore, shuffle of the people is done on July 10th. In consideration

A first half year.

It is June 30,2024 today.This means a half of year 2024 are going to be over. From the point of business view, how about your business of this first half of year? Are you satisfied with your performan


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