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The barbar shop closed


It's a pity that the nearest barbar shop was closed without pre-notice. Since I moved to live here,I used to use that barbar shop for more than 30years.The reason why I used that shop was the location, where locates the nearest to my house. The owner was a frank and a proud of his skill. Unforunately he died about 20years ago by cancer. After that his son took over his barbar shop. At beggining of his work, I felt that his skill was not good enough just compared with his father. But I have used his shop since that, because I love his shop, staff, young owner.

The day before yesterday, I decide to to tjhat barbar shop and called, but no one answered to my call. I felt something different things happened. So I droved to that shop,and found the information letter put on their door. It says that 「Thank you for a long time using our shop. We decided to close this shop due to domestic reason.」

Wow, I did not know this closing. I realised how important this shop was, after loosing this shop. This shop was one of a part -of my life.

Now the time has been passed and our life style has been changed slowly but surely. I wonder how can I get used this speed of change.




A tax audit

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A first half year.

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