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The barbar shop closed


It's a pity that the nearest barbar shop was closed without pre-notice. Since I moved to live here,I used to use that barbar shop for more than 30years.The reason why I used that shop was the location, where locates the nearest to my house. The owner was a frank and a proud of his skill. Unforunately he died about 20years ago by cancer. After that his son took over his barbar shop. At beggining of his work, I felt that his skill was not good enough just compared with his father. But I have used his shop since that, because I love his shop, staff, young owner.

The day before yesterday, I decide to to tjhat barbar shop and called, but no one answered to my call. I felt something different things happened. So I droved to that shop,and found the information letter put on their door. It says that 「Thank you for a long time using our shop. We decided to close this shop due to domestic reason.」

Wow, I did not know this closing. I realised how important this shop was, after loosing this shop. This shop was one of a part -of my life.

Now the time has been passed and our life style has been changed slowly but surely. I wonder how can I get used this speed of change.




Electronic Bookkeeping Law

Electronic bookkeeping law has been effective since Jan.1st,2024. In my office I have started to change my system to meet the Law. Whenever I received the Electronic Data, the data is downloaded in my


令和3年度分確定申告も今日まで。昨日はE-TAXで通信トラブルがあったそうだが、この時期に通信トラブルがあると申告者は焦ることだろう。幸いにも、通信トラブルによる申告遅れの場合は、その旨を事前連絡、または申告書に記載することで期限内申告として認められると税務署から案内が出たが、当然といえば当然の処置だ。 私はいつもこの時期を避ける意味で遅くとも3月初旬には申告は済ませている。何が起こるかわからない


サイトのマイページで確認したが、どうやら振込が行われるようである。 1月31日に申請してから2週間後に、申請内容の本人確認写真不鮮明、通帳に該当取引のマークなどがなされていない、との理由で差し戻し。 取引内容のマークは確かにしていなかったので私の落ち度。 本人確認写真不鮮明は、以前の一時支援金で使用したものなので、何が違うのか、判断基準がわからない。運転免許書にせよ、マイナンバーカードにせよ、それ



  Kyoji YASUI ~Certified Public Tax Accountant Office(Zeirishi)~

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